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Small business Social Media Subscription package.

Designed for local small businesses like: restaurants, dentist, massage therapist, retail, plumbers, HVAC, electrician, home-based and more. If you're stuck on what to post on social media then this membership is what you need! You'll get a full month worth of social media posts, hashtags, special holiday's and more! Click the link to learn more.

Some Of Our Happy Clients

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pHdm delivers fast results using agile marketing techniques meaning we get to the goals faster.

Agile Digital Marketing Framework


Laser-focused & evolving...

  • Optimized for fast results
  • Improves long-term cost per acquisition
  • Key learnings applied faster for higher quality leads


Sprint to a finish line...

  • Run fast, aggressive & short campaigns
  • Focus on KPI's
  • Deliver on Goals


Data tells the story...

  • Do in 1 month while others wait 8-10 for results
  • Extract key learnings from current campaigns
  • Apply key learnings to the new campaigns

Continuous Loop

Constantly improving results...

  • Learn what works fast; apply learning to improve campaigns
  • Strategy feeds the implentations; feeds the the data; develops the new strategy
  • Reduced over-spending; faster results that continuously improve

Our Core Beliefs


IFor us it's not about simply stating our passion for digital, it's important to us that you feel our passion as well. We love what we do and we love to bring success to our clients.


We've been through the pitch process way too many times to count. We also know that traditionally your account is sold on senior staff and worked on by junior staff. With us all work is done by senior staff.


We don't like to consider ourselves an outside hire or even a "cost". We believe we're an extension of your business. We work for you to get the type of results you'd expect from your own employees.


We expect results because you expect results. We believe what we do goes beyond simply digital marketing. We share what we believe will help your business regardless of whether it puts a buck in our pocket or not. You simply won't find another agency as dedicated as us!

What Others Have to Say

Brian atkins

Brian Atkins Real Estate

Innovation. Leading Edge. Increased ROI. All things that make me happy and all the things I am able to offer my clients thanks to PH Digital Marketing. I never have to approach them and see if it can be done, because they proactively monitor my needs and offer solutions. Solutions that make me a rock star, and keep my clients happy. I was so tired of companies offering my solutions that only fit there product line up. PH Digital Marketing does none of that. What are you waiting for?

Jay SAveall

Green Side Up Landscaping

I have been working with Patrick and his team at pH digital for nearly 3 years now. Not only does he help educate and navigate me through the crazy world of digital marketing, he also cares about my business.
He cares, he takes interest and provides suggestions. The team, who are smart and creative puts together campaigns for me to review to define and they manage the campaigns, providing me with data to show the results.
I trust Patrick!

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