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We Are A Facebook Messenger Agency Based In Toronto

With all the fluff going on out there it's our duty to share that we are a Facebook Messenger agency based in Toronto. We serve small to medium sized businesses with highly effective AI-powered Chatbots that help gain you new business.

Why Is Your Communication Failing?

How do these statements fit for your business?


Guess what? It's happened, customers have changed how they buy. This is a simple tool that NEEDS to be on every website. Why not yours?

Leads Information

Customized chatbots can help you get quality lead information like: name, phone number/email address and information on what they want - all without you lifting a finger.


Have you been to your competitors website recently? Do they offer live chat on their site?

Customer Service

How can a customer communicate with you outside of a call or email?

Our Chatbot Marketing Plans

All plans are monthly and require a minimum 6 month agreement.



On-site AI Chatbot

Form tracking

Communication updates

*ecommerce integration extra



On-site AI Chatbot

2 Campaign Chatbots

2 Drip Campaigns

Communication updates

Form & call tracking

Standard reporting

*ecommerce integration extra



On-site AI Chatbot

4 Campaign Chatbots

4 Drip Campaigns

Communication updates

Form call & tracking

Standard reporting

*ecommerce integration extra



On-site AI Chatbot

5 Campaign Chatbots

5 Drip Campaigns

Communication updates

Full Conversion Tracking

Standard reporting

*ecommerce integration extra

*To help find the right plan select any option first. We'll provide helpful tips on the next page.

Our 3-Step Process

Step 1


We research everything. This will be key to qualifying what will go into your Chatbots. A sample of what our research looks like:

  • keyword analysis
  • competitor analysis
  • conversation development

Step 2


Once the research is complete we build your account using Best In Class tools. Our Chief Digital Marketer is a published expert on Chatbots and brings a wealth of knowledge to this service.

Chatbots are a growing tool. Be on the forefront of using this tool to build your business. Over 1 billion messages are exchanged on Messenger every month around the world between business and customer.

Step 3


This step is just as important as the last two. We now have everything in place and this step is to get into the weeds to better understand the data, your target market and how to better reasonate with them. We use a combination of AI and human knowledge to build and better define your Chatbots.

Chatbot Results To Date


Active Chatbots


Chatbot Campaigns


Average leads per month per client

Client Testimonial

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I have been working with Patrick and his team at pH digital for nearly 3 years now. Not only does he help educate and navigate me through the crazy world of digital marketing, he also cares about my business.

He cares, he takes interest and provides suggestions. The team, who are smart and creative puts together campaigns for me to review to define and they manage the campaigns, providing me with data to show the results.

Jay S.


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