coffee and a Digital Marketing consultation



more about the consulatation...

Thank you again for registering with us for our Coffee and a Digital Marketing Consulation. The form on the right will help provide us with additional info about your business and goals. We want to be prepared as we speak with you so we'll be doing our homework before sitting down. Here's some additional information about why we're asking for the following info:

  • Name: to be sure we know who you are!
  • Website: of course we want to get aquainted with your business and learn what we can.
  • Average Value Per Sale: we know this can often times be a tricky one to answer, however let's try to ballpark an average sale amount by: taking the average of a few sales; the average on an area you're looking to improve on; the average for the past quarter. It'll really help us when looking into strategies that can best serve your business.
  • 12 Month Marketing Budget: we get it, you may not have a budget in mind. We'd actually rather look at this as an investment (you'll see why). It will be important to have this in place before our work begins.
  • Top 3 Business Challenges: every business can have their own needs, goals and areas of improvement. Our digital marketing strategies will differ based on what you want to accomplish as a business. This information will help us determine the best strategies to run for you.
  • Preferred Time Slots: we're trying to appease everyone knowing you're busy. Please allow us a couple of times to work with. In the event nothing works for you then we are more than happy to set up another time outside of this event to meet with you.

Event Location

Back Road Coffee Roasters

133 Queen St. East, Port Credit, Ontario

Tuesday, December 10 from 10am to 3pm

Wednesday, December 11 from 10am to 3pm