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We Are A Toronto-Based Agency Experienced In Google Ads

We are a successfully certified Google Ads agency with a strong history in results. We are calling on you to entrust your business with our expert team. Our Google Ads team has a combined 25 years of experience, has won awards and most importantly understands how to get results.

Why Is Your Current Strategy Failing?

If you find any of these are you then we need to talk and fix things.


Did you know there's a lot that goes into bidding on keywords? You've likely set up a default bid without understanding its purpose and therefore you're not getting the return you seek and are probably burning your budget.

Ad Copy

How many ads are you running? Have you segmented them to speak to specific audiences? Is there a Call To Action?


Do you know if your work is actually getting leads? Do you have tracking in place? Do you understand which keywords are getting you leads vs which aren't working?


Did you do any keyword research? How many keywords are you using? Have you properly segmented them into the right campaigns and ad groups?

Our Google Ads Plans

All plans are monthly and require a minimum 6 month agreement.



Spend up to $1999

Unlimited keywords

Up to 4 campaigns

Form tracking

Standard reporting



Spend from $2000-2999

Unlimited keywords

Up to 6 campaigns

Form call & tracking

Standard reporting



Spend from $3000-3999

Unlimited keywords

Up to 8 campaigns

Form call & tracking

Custom reporting



Spend from $4000+

Unlimited keywords

Unlimited campaigns

Form call & tracking

Real time reporting

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Our 3-Step Process

Step 1


We research your company, competitors and industry. We look for ways your business can stand out while also finding the best keywords to show up for. Here's a sample of what goes into research:

  • keyword research
  • competitive analysis
  • company analysis
  • forecasting

Step 2


Once the research is complete we build your account using Google's Best In Class tools. This formula helps us build an account that will begin to see real results within 30 days. Your account is designed for results, not just to get traffic.

Step 3


This step is just as important as the last two. We now have everything in place and this step is to get into the weeds to better understand the data, your target market and how to better reasonate with them. This means being actively involved in optimizing our work so that results are fast, accountable and predictable.

Google Ads Results To Date


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Client Testimonial


I have been working with pH digital marketing now for over 6 months and I am looking forward to building an even stronger bond with Patrick and his team. They are absolutely brilliant and they have displayed this time and time again. The ROI that I've seen grow, since the start, has proved pH digital marketing are a team I feel confidant using to build successful marketing strategies for my business moving forward!

Rob F.


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