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We Are A Local Digital Marketing Agency Based In York, Toronto

With all the fluff going on out there it's our duty to share that we are a local digital marketing agency based in the Eglinton West area of York in Toronto. We serve small to medium sized businesses with services ranging from Google Ads, SEO, Social Media and web design.

Is Your Digital Marketing Failing?

If you agree with any of these statements then it's time to give us a call.

Lacking A Strategy

This is the first and most important step - your strategy. What are you trying to accomplish? If it's just "more sales" then it's not enough.

Tracking Isn't In Place

How do you know what's working if: you're not tracking phone calls, form submissions, emails, sales or other forms of contact?

Unsure What's Working

Is it Google Ads, SEO, Social Media or something else? Where should you be investing your time and money?

Don't Know The Competitive Landscape

Do you know what your competitors are doing? Are you taking any of their wins and replicating for your business? What's not working for them? Where are they focusing their dollars?

Our Digital Marketing Plans

All plans are monthly and require a minimum 6 month agreement.



Spend up to $1999

Google Ads

Facebook/Instagram Ads

Form tracking

Standard reporting



Spend from $2000-2999

The Intro Plan

On-Page SEO

Call tracking

Upgraded reporting



Spend from $3000-3999

The Grow Plan

Chatbot Marketing

Form call & tracking

Custom reporting



Spend from $4000+

The Scale Plan

Email Marketing

Full Conversion Tracking

Real time reporting

*To learn which plan is right for your business click on Start Now and try our calculator.

Our 3-Step Process

Step 1

Audit & Research

We audit everything you're doing. This will be key to qualifying what's going on and the strategy we need to use. We'll uncover things like:

  • account set up
  • targeting
  • budgets
  • tracking
  • ad copy

Step 2


Once the research is complete we build your account using Best In Class tools. This formula helps us build an account that will begin to see real results within 30 days. Your account is designed for results, not just to get traffic.

Included in the work is all creative work for Facebook & Instagram - a value add of over $1500!

Step 3


This step is just as important as the last two. We now have everything in place and this step is to get into the weeds to better understand the data, your target market and how to better reasonate with them. This means being actively involved in optimizing our work so that results are fast, accountable and predictable.

Digital Marketing Results To Date


Average CTR


Average Conversion Rate


Average Cost Per Click

Client Testimonial

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I have been working with Patrick and his team at pH digital for nearly 3 years now. Not only does he help educate and navigate me through the crazy world of digital marketing, he also cares about my business.

He cares, he takes interest and provides suggestions. The team, who are smart and creative puts together campaigns for me to review to define and they manage the campaigns, providing me with data to show the results.

Jay S.


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