True Performance Digital Marketing

We get paid when the deal closes.

In order to kick off our discussion we'd like to know a little bit more about your needs. It's important for us to prepare to discuss what's possible for you. We will need to check your website and get an idea for how much you're looking to make each month from digital marketing.

We only get paid when you make a sale.
This is how your agency partner should work with you.

What We Do

Google Ads

Facebook Ads

Tik Tok Ads

Email Marketing

How We Do It

1. Strategy

First we need to understand your brand, the digital landscape and where the opportunities will exist.

2. Build

We design and build your account to fit the needs of what we're looking to accomplish in the early stages.

3. Run Campaigns Fast

We are aggressive and don't waste budget. We optimize for the initial results in order to learn what happens next.

4. Assess Results

We assess the first round of results. What worked? What didn't? What do we need to do next?

5. Re-Strategize

We build a new strategy to take on the next stage of results. The landscape has now changed so does the strategy.

6. Run Loop Again

We run this loop over and over until we've reached the desired results. It's no over yet but within 5-6 months we're close!

Our Results

Our Amazing Partners

Business Today Magazine mentioned us. They listed us as a Top 5 Marketing and PR Agency.

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What They Say About Us

I have been working with Patrick and his team at pH digital for nearly 3 years now. Not only does he help educate and navigate me through the crazy world of digital marketing, he also cares about my business.

He cares, he takes interest and provides suggestions. The team, who are smart and creative puts together campaigns for me to review to define and they manage the campaigns, providing me with data to show the results.

Jay - GSU

I cannot say enough about pH Digital! Not only did they help me step by step with my Digital Main Street Grant, they created a fantastic easy to use website that we can edit at our leisure. I have never had any issues when contacting then or getting help when needed. I would recommend them to anyone who needs assistance with their digital marketing.

Dave - Buy Mine Sell Yours

I have been working with pH digital marketing now for over 6 months and I am looking forward to building an even stronger bond with Patrick and his team. They are absolutely brilliant and they have displayed this time and time again. The ROI that I've seen grow, since the start, has proved pH digital marketing are a team I feel confidant using to build successful marketing strategies for my business moving forward!.

Rob - Galaxy Plumbing

The "Why Choose Us" Part

Generating Insane ROI Since 2018.

We've created a disturbance in the agency world, and quite frankly we're happy about that. For too long agencies have taken money, provided sub-par work and even worse results. We're not saying that's all agencies, but the one's who know, know. We're putting skin in the game because we've developed processes and strategies that have proven to work over and again. And now we want your business to experience what we deliver.

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