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We Are A Search Engine Optimization Agency Based In Toronto

With all the fluff going on out there it's our duty to share that we are a search engine optimization agency based in Toronto. We serve small to medium sized businesses with highly effective SEO strategies that include: on-page, off-page and technical work.

Why Aren't You On Page 1?

How do these statements sit with you?

Where Are You Ranking?

Do you have any primary or secondary keywords ranking anywhere within the top 3 pages? Or are you still nowhere to be found?

What Are You Being Told?

If you're working with an agency, what are they sharing with you? What's the process like working with them? Do you feel comfortable?

How Long Have You Been Trying?

Has it been a month? Have you been working at this for over a year? What tactics have you been using?


Who's ranking on page 1 right now for the keywords you want? Do you see names like Wikipedia, Yelp, government or school sites or even directories like Houzz or HomeStars?

Our SEO Marketing Plans

All plans are monthly and require a minimum 6 month agreement.



Up to 5 pages

On-Page SEO

Technical SEO

Form tracking

Standard reporting



Up to 10 pages

On-Page SEO

Technical SEO

Form & call tracking

Standard reporting



Up to 20 pages

On-Page SEO

Technical SEO

Google Local SEO

Form call & tracking

Custom reporting



Entire website

On-Page SEO

Technical SEO

Google Local SEO

Off-Page SEO

Full Conversion Tracking

Custom reporting

*To find out which plan is right for you select any plan and read the following page.

Our 3-Step Process

Step 1

Audit & Research

We audit & research everything you're doing. This will be key to qualifying what type of strategy we need to put in place. A sample of what our audit & research looks like:

  • keyword analysis
  • competitor analysis
  • link analysis

Step 2


Once the research is complete we build your account using Best In Class tools. Given our deep knowledge in SEO we know that results can take time. However, as smart marketers we know that there's low-hanging fruit to be had... and we go after them for quick results.

SEO is still a long term play. It's important to understand SEO is a directive form of advertising rather than creative. With that in mind the goal for SEO is long term gains.

Step 3


This step is just as important as the last two. We now have everything in place and this step is to get into the weeds to better understand the data, your target market and how to better reasonate with them. This means being actively involved in optimizing our work so that results are accountable and predictable.

SEO Results To Date


Keywords on Page 1


Keywords on Page 2


Average number of months to see massive results

Client Testimonial

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I have been working with Patrick and his team at pH digital for nearly 3 years now. Not only does he help educate and navigate me through the crazy world of digital marketing, he also cares about my business.

He cares, he takes interest and provides suggestions. The team, who are smart and creative puts together campaigns for me to review to define and they manage the campaigns, providing me with data to show the results.

Jay S.


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