223 Purchases In 2 Months

Targeting A Highly Competitive Gym Niche

Justin came to us looking to use Social Media to help drive sales. With a long list of products in the health and fitness industry we knew we had a fun account to work with. He came to us with a starting goal of a cost per sale somewhere in the $15 range.

Within 2 months we had initiated 223 purchases at a cost per sale below $10!

Designed To Generate Social Sales

Targeted Ads

Better Traffic

High Profit Sales

What Did We Do?

In a highly competitive market, our client was not selling the traditional big brand names. The client has the kind of products those in the industry know and love. So we had a great start to having great products.

We layered in a strategy that included remarketing, custom audiences and creating a cycle of bringing new, highly qualified shoppers into the mix. The best campaign had a $7.60 cost per sale with a total of 126 sales.